Personal cashflow/budgeting and categorisation of banking transactions

Cashflow will create account balance projections from scheduled transactions, and provide an analysis of banking transaction data you import from OFX files exported from your internet banking site. The cashflow graph shows an itemised schedule day by day with the forecast balance.

Historical banking transaction data imported from OFX files can be categorised using the built-in categories, or those that you create.

Multiple bank accounts can be managed, with totals accumulated for selected accounts.

All data is stored locally under your complete control and is not accessible by anyone else. Normally you'd need only a single database, but you can create separate databases for different purposes. There is a backup facility, and you have the option of sharing a backup file if needed.

The Cashflow Android app is now available to download and install from the Google PlayStore.

Click on the following link to download the application from Play Store:

Get it on Google Play


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