Records patient registrations for a voluntary medical camp.

The complete system is based on the minimal hardware to support the application in a remote environment with no internet access and just an electricity supply. The system is based on the use of a home wireless router, plus a number of laptops.

One of the laptops is configured as a master and hosts a virtual machine running the web application. All the remaining laptops connect to the virtual web server via it's IP address. It is recommended that one or more of the other laptops also has the virtual machine installed so they can be used as a backup master in case of failure of the primary master.

Several times a day, it is recommended that multiple client laptops, as well as the master, select the backup option in the application to create and download a .zip backup of the registration database to the client laptop, so there are multiple backups on different machines, in case of failure.

This application is pre-configured to assume an mySQL database named medcamp, accessed by a user medcamp with the password medcamp. It is assumed there is no DNS, so access to the web site is via IP address, and the default configuration is set to, via port 8080, so that it fits easier into the configuration of a Turnkey Linux LAMP appliance.

The Medcamp-server project provides a Debian package to add the medcamp application and database to a Turnkey Linux LAMP server with the minimum of other configuration.

Medcamp software is available for download from Github